10 Innovative Home Improvement Ideas

This article was supplied by Dulwich Loft Conversions, a firm of home extension specialists in South London. The article explains that while an extension maybe costly, you can add cheap changes to the home with quick and easy do it yourself makeovers that bring new life into an old room.

Even the most trendy and expensive home furnishings get a little tired after a while. And while moving furniture around can help spice up a home décor sometimes a little bit more is needed. The following 10 home makeover ideas are quick, easy and inexpensive ways to freshen up a room just enough to make it interesting but not destroy the whole theme.

Reupholster Cushions

Reupholstering a couch or recliner is pretty difficult and can be expensive but recovering a cushion on a dining room chair or even a couch is fairly easy with a little sewing knowledge and doesn’t require a lot of fabric. Having “mismatched” couch cushions is quite trendy now and the bonus is the originals can be stored and returned to their original position when a change is needed again.

Decorative Molding

Use a variety of decorative moldings to spice up old wooden furniture. Play with paint and metallic leaf to add more visual interest.

Large Vases with Color

Purchase a few large vases to add color. Buy them in any color and spray paint them to the desired color. Clear glass vases can be filled with a variety of colorful items that create visual excitement.
New Table Settings

Don’t discard the expensive table settings but inexpensive plates are everywhere and they add visual excitement to the kitchen and meals. A few extra dollars can be used to pick up some placemats, a table runner and napkins and the next meal served with have a spicy new flair.

Shower Curtain

Give a bathroom a whole new look with just a simple shower curtain. Look for bright colors, bold patterns and something totally different than what is currently being used.

Wall Decals

Without going through the mess and expense of wallpapering a room, add wall decals to create a pattern that looks like wallpaper but can be removed easily when it’s time for change. The best thing about wall decals is they can be reused over and over.

Renew Lamps

There are a number of ways to refresh lamps, the easiest is changing the wattage of the bulb but a lamp can also be painted, gilded, and the shade can be changed quickly and easily and most importantly, inexpensively. Having light shine through a red shade creates and entirely different feel that having it emerge from a white shade.

Colorful Ceiling

Painting a ceiling is a bold move but can bring just the right level of excitement to a room. It’s a bit more time consuming and can be backbreaking work but the right color on the right ceiling is worth it.


Replace artwork with mirrors, simple or decorative, and the room gets a new look and an incredible level of depth. Just make sure the reflections are desirable as they’ll be replayed again and again.

Go Minimal

This is a free design tip and not only refreshes a room but can create a new jumping off point future décor ideas. Remove all of the knickknacks in a room and then carefully edit what goes back in. Keep the room looking fresh by practicing a less is more mantra.

With these 10 quick, easy and cheap decorating tips a room can be given just the right touch of newness to inspire and invigorate the inhabitants.