Satisfaction from Doing-it-Yourself

I used to love helping my dad with DIY jobs when I was a kid. At least I used to think I was helping but in retrospect I must have made the job twice a difficult for him. I first realised that DIY was not as easy as it seemed

What Do Electronic Cigarettes Cost?

One of the many advantages vaping has over tobacco is that it is considerably cheaper! How much you choose to invest in the hobby is a personal choice, but with a deck of 20 cigarettes now costing over £10, you'd be hard-pressed to not save money by choosing to vape

How To Quit Smoking

Most people cannot rely on willpower alone when stopping smoking. From patches to herbal products, there are many aids available to help you quit. The anti-smoking charity ASH estimates that more than 10 million people currently smoke in the UK alone. When you consider that the average person smokes around 20

Top Types of Furniture When You Have Pets

New furniture is a big investment. You want attractive furniture that is right for your home, your comfort and your needs. However, if there are pets in your home, you should take into account certain destructive animal habits. Dogs can be trained to stay away from furniture, but it is