10 Innovative Home Improvement Ideas

This article was supplied by www.touchstonebuilders.co.uk, home extension specialists in London. The article explains that while an extension maybe costly, you can add cheap changes to the home with quick and easy do it yourself makeovers that bring new life into an old room. Even the most trendy and expensive home

How to Paint a Teen Bedroom Pink and Green

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to freshen up or bring a dated room into current style and fashion. If you have a teenage daughter, keeping her room in style will be an important step. While they may not seem like colors that complement each other,

Satisfaction from Doing-it-Yourself

I used to love helping my dad with DIY jobs when I was a kid. At least I used to think I was helping but in retrospect I must have made the job twice a difficult for him. I first realised that DIY was not as easy as it seemed