How to Paint a Teen Bedroom Pink and Green

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to freshen up or bring a dated room into current style and fashion. If you have a teenage daughter, keeping her room in style will be an important step. While they may not seem like colors that complement each other, pink and green are popular and the right shades of each can work very well in a teen’s room.


1. Go to your local hardware or paint store and collect sample pink and green paint chips–small cards with various hues of colors on them–and bring them back to review and pick out the shades you will be using2

2. Determine which walls will be pink and which will be green. Let your daughter be involved in determining how the walls will be painted. With her help you may decide to paint two walls green and two walls or pink or just one wall a different color from the others, using it as an accent wall. Consider whether you want to paint the ceiling or baseboards as well.

3. Measure the walls to determine the square footage of the space you need to paint. Do this for each wall and each color (and the ceiling and baseboards if applicable). Write the information on the paint chips you have decided to use. Bring the paint chips with this information back to the hardware or paint store so they can prepare the correct amount of paint you will need.

4. Buy your paint, brushes, rollers, tarps and tape. Prepare the room for painting by removing any posters, pictures or other items off of the walls. Remove as much furniture as possible and cover what is remaining in the bedroom with tarps. Use painters tape to cover the edges of any woodwork where it joins to the walls.

5. Open the first can of paint you are going to use; you can give it a stir but in most cases the paint is ready to go after it has been shaken at the store. Pour a small amount into a paint tray.

6. Open a window and use a fan to keep the air flowing in the room. This will help the paint dry and keep the fumes to a minimum.

7. Using a three- to four-inch brush, “cut in” the corners and where the walls meet the baseboards and ceilings. Cutting in is basically painting the areas where a roller can’t get to or where you need a little more control.

8. Apply the first coat using a roller for even distribution. Allow the first coat of each color to dry for a minimum of three to four hours. It can take up to 36 hours for paint to cure depending on the paint and the humidity level in the room.

9. Apply the second coat of both colors, allow to dry, complete any touch-ups where needed. Once the paint is dry, remove the painters tape from the woodwork, move the furniture back in and rehang any pictures and posters.

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