How To Quit Smoking

Most people cannot rely on willpower alone when stopping smoking. From patches to herbal products, there are many aids available to help you quit.

The anti-smoking charity ASH estimates that more than 10 million people currently smoke in the UK alone. When you consider that the average person smokes around 20 cigarettes a day, the cost to an individual over a year is a staggering £2050. Most people would choose to quit smoking given the choice; however, as the UK’s leading addiction this is not as easy as it sounds.

Benefits of Stopping Smoking

After just 72 hours of stopping smoking, breathing becomes easier and energy levels increase. After 30 days improved skin profusion means your skin appearance improves. After three to nine months, lung function can increase by up to 10%, greatly reducing wheeziness, coughing and breathing problems. One year after quitting smoking the risk of a heart attack is about half that of a normal smoker.

Diseases and health complications related to smoking are numerous and the benefits of quitting will not only reduce these risks but will benefit all aspects of your life.

Products To Help You Quit Smoking

It has been shown that nicotine patches can double the rate of success in quitting smoking. A controlled dose of nicotine is released through the patch throughout the day and they can be worn for 24 hours if needed. The nicotine released into the body reduces the craving for a cigarette. As with all nicotine replacement products, patches do not contain the many carcinogenic chemicals found in cigarettes.

Another option is gum. The action of chewing the gum releases a small amount of nicotine into the body by the tissues in the mouth absorbing it directly into the bloodstream. Many people find the gum beneficial as it involves action with the mouth.

E-cigs are great when it comes to a nicotine replacement method. The act od vaping is very similar to smoking which also improves the success rate as many smokers complain they do not have anything to do with their hands when they quit. You can buy e-cigs in the form of a vape pen, or a tank like device. Foor more info on the types of vaping products on the market, visit Vaporesso.

Lozenges work in much the same way as the gum; however, their effects can last for slightly longer as they are sucked instead of being chewed.

Many people use the nicotine inhaler alongside the other nicotine replacement products. The action of sucking the inhaler can help replace the feeling of having a cigarette in the mouth as well as giving a direct intake of nicotine when needed.

Natural Remedies and Therapies for Quitting Smoking

Acupuncture has proven very successful for people wanting to give up smoking the natural way. The needles used are hair thin and so are not painful when used. This therapy is also helpful when treatment is not being given as many acupuncturists will tape small metal balls on the bottom part of the ear which can be massaged when a craving hits. These balls and the rubbing action stimulate the acupuncture point.

Herbal cigarettes are available at most health stores. These are nicotine free and still give the feeling of smoking a cigarette. Honeyrose herbal cigarettes contain only natural ingredients such as rose petals, marshmallow and red clover flowers and are non-addictive.

To Stop Smoking, Take One Day At A Time

However you chose to quit smoking, it is important to set a specific date to quit and ensure you are mentally ready. There will always be times when you feel you need a cigarette, however if you take it one day at a time and be proud of everyday you are a non smoker you will get there in the end.