Mattresses: Are They Overrated and Should We Sleep on Flat Boards?

One of the most famous and logical quotes simply states that you get what you pay for. The ultimate question inquires whether this is always the case. In order to get a solid night’s sleep, do you have really have to spend an arm and a leg? Such a question must evaluate quality, firmness and material so as to arrive at an educated answer. Since every individual’s idea of comfort differs greatly, there are really no scientific assessments weighing which mattress type has the most positive impact on the quality of a user’s sleep. Many people even ponder if mattresses are simply overrated. However, there are some universal features that should be calculated when purchasing a mattress online according to the individual to uncover the ideal match.

Cheap Mattresses versus Expensive Mattresses

Other than common brand names and popular sales pitches for mattresses for sale, the factors that typically indicate the cost include coil count and coil structure. While your average salesman will explain that a higher coil count signifies a more restful night’s sleep, most believe such to be irrelevant and actually within the same range as cheaper mattress options. Preferences generally rely the alignment of coils and their sizes. Coil structure can make all the difference. Surprisingly, the coil structures are not limited to expensive or affordable mattresses. Other aspects will include ticking, materials or even colours. Ticking is simply the material and thread pattern used to cover the mattress. Luxury materials like silk or cashmere have their obvious price increases.

Firm Mattresses versus Soft Mattresses

For those who suffer from chronic neck or back pain, their individual experience would ultimately be necessary to dictate the best option. A proper night’s slumber will determine functionality during the waking hours. Generally speaking, people with painful ailments would have the safest bet by going for something in the mid-range. Mattresses that are too soft will cause the user to sink down, while harder mattresses place too much pressure on aching areas. Balance and support are the foundations of solid sleep cycles.

Memory Foam Mattresses versus Conventional Mattresses

Memory mattresses are wonderful in regards to improved support, as they distribute weight more evenly while reducing impact on pressure points. In addition, there is very little motion transfer if any at all, meaning your partner’s movements would not affect you. These blocks of foam also prevent dust mites allowing for hypoallergenic labels. A conventional mattress is almost always cheaper and can endure ten years or more of use. However, many conventional beds possess questionable warranties and provide virtually no back support. They also create breeding grounds for dust mites. While memory mattresses are in fact more costly than the conventional spring mattress, this option isn’t necessarily unreasonably priced. One of the last key differences in the two would be temperature sensitivity which cannot be adjusted in a spring like memory foam. Shoppers searching for the perfect mattress online should also consider the easy maintenance of a memory foam bed, as it doesn’t require flipping or rotating like the spring alternative.