Save Your Sanity and Buy Your Furniture Online

Okay, I know this probably sounds terribly old-fashioned, but I have never really considered buying furniture on the internet although my sister bought all her beds online when she recently moved house. I suppose it did not cross my mind due to the large size of the items, and I always assumed that delivery would cost a fortune and therefore buying locally would work out cheaper.

Last week my husband and I decided it was about time we bought a new bed, as our mattress has definitely seen better days, to the point where neither of us sleeps very well lately. My husband is a lot heavier than me, and his side of the bed dips down, which I think causes me to subconsciously ense up while I try not to roll in today’s art during the night. Well, that might not be the case but whatever. Recently I’ve been waking up with a sore back and I can think of no other reason for this.

It was my husband he suggested we look for a new bed online. A first I looked at him like he was bonkers, and he looked back at me in exactly the same way while also stating, “do you really want to go round the local shopping centre on a packed Saturday afternoon?”

He was right, of course. We both work during the week and faculties at Churchill Square are an absolute nightmare. Even though there are several car parks they are almost always full, and although actually is quite a knife entered the shop during the week, at weekends I really would advise anyone to stay clear. Unless you want to meet up with your schoolfriends and go skateboarding, that is.

I was very surprised to find that online, just about all the websites we look at offered fast mattress delivery.  In fact there were several  were you can get your bed the next day, and believe it or not there is no extra delivery charge. In fact, delivery is free to mainline UK. I was also thrilled to find that prices were generally a lot cheaper than locally, and we decided on a fund that the king-size bed with a pocket sprung mattress that costs less than £400.

I’m pretty excited about my purchase and now eagerly waiting for it to arrive tomorrow.