Top Types of Furniture When You Have Pets

New furniture is a big investment. You want attractive furniture that is right for your home, your comfort and your needs. However, if there are pets in your home, you should take into account certain destructive animal habits. Dogs can be trained to stay away from furniture, but it is difficult to stop cats from curling up in a cosy spot.

Wood furniture is likely to be chewed by dogs and scratched by cats. Look for furniture with covered legs. Bamboo furniture is a good option, as it does not seem to attract cat or dog attention, in the same way as wood. A lot of modern styles have attractive, practical metal frames.

Choosing Furniture When You Have Pets

There are all types of upholstered beds on offer, but the type of upholstery you choose for your chairs and settee is what really requires some consideration, as they are more like to be slept on. Pet hairs and cat scratching are two of the most common problems. Cats love to scratch rough weave fabrics and brocades that they can rip. Delicate fabrics should be avoided; you’ll find a velour type more practical. If your budget allows, a strong, durable, smooth leather sofa is easily kept clean of hairs and is relatively scratch resistant. Heavy vinyl covering is not so expensive and has the same easy to clean surface as leather. Both leather and vinyl are good options if your pet has a tendency to wet the furniture.

The colour and pattern of the upholstery of your settee and chairs should be chosen so that animal hairs and small snags do not show up. White is not the colour for pet owners. Removable washable covers on are a good idea. Slip over covers, throws and decorative blankets can brighten up your room and give your sofa and chairs extra protection.

Try to avoid small but high tables that can easily be knocked over and fragile glass items. Place your furniture in a manner that avoids damage. A dangling venetian blind cord can result in an accident, if your cat has to jump onto a shelf full of ornaments in order to reach it.

There is a wide choice of pet furniture and accessories that can help to keep your animals off your furniture. Most animals quickly learn that their bed is the most comfortable and they can relax there undisturbed. Cat scratching poles can become more popular than a wooden chair leg and dog safety gates can keep your pet away from the most comfortable chair in front of the TV.