What Do Electronic Cigarettes Cost?

One of the many advantages vaping has over tobacco is that it is considerably cheaper! How much you choose to invest in the hobby is a personal choice, but with a deck of 20 cigarettes now costing over £10, you’d be hard-pressed to not save money by choosing to vape instead. Let’s take a quick look at the three major expenses involved with vaping.

The Basic Kit

It is possible to pick up a basic vape pen comprising of a battery, charging cable, clearomizer and 10ml of e-liquid for about £10. Obviously, these are pretty basic kits, but in a pinch they’ll do the job well enough. Most regular vapers will look towards a more powerful, better-designed model though. The good news is that your money will stretch a long way compared to a couple of years ago.

A quality kit with a powerful battery and all the trimmings can be bought for £40-50, and may even be capable of sub-ohm vaping. Fancy going even further upmarket? Box mods are now available for around the same amount (they tend to need more upkeep and spares though), whereas kits capable of dry herb and wax vaping are typically around £70-80 or so.


This is where the true value can be found, just remember that you really do get what you pay for. Imported e-liquid of dubious quality can be found for as little as £1 per 10ml. Generally, it’s advisable to look more around the £5 range – any more than that and it’ll be a specialist juice such as high VG for a cloud chasing vape. One vial will last ‘around the clock’ vapers a few days or so, which compared to tobacco is incredibly good value.


One of the reasons why cartridge based kits have enjoyed a bit of a comeback recently has been because they are packed with spares and accessories. No matter what choice of vapor cigarette you opt for, parts will need replacing with some frequency, especially clearomizers, atomizers and to lesser extent tanks. It is a good idea to stock up on these in bulk to earn the best savings, but once again compared to cigarettes these spares are pocket change.