Your Local Plumber – The Types Of Jobs You Can Expect Him To Do

If you own or even rent a property, you will at some point need to hire a plumber for serious water pipe leaks, blocked toilets and other common problems like that.  However, there are many jobs that a local plumber can do that you might not have realised. In the following article, therefore, I asked Paul from what we can realistically expect a local plumber to do when you hire them.

Drain Cleaning

When your water is either draining very slowly or not at all, you may be tempted to just buy some drain cleaner and sort the problem that way.  However, doing this may only be a temporary solution.  In order to get to the bottom of the underlying problem causing drainage issues, you need to hire a plumber.

Assessing Water Boiler Problems

There are a number of different things that can go wrong with your water boiler, such as the pilot light going out and the thermostat not functioning properly or at all.  Any experienced local plumber should be able to work out what is wrong with your water boiler and may even be able to make minor repairs when you call them out.

Repair Any Leaks

Most leaks start small and do not appear to be serious problems.  Over time though, if they are not repaired they can become big problems.  As soon as you notice any leaks in your water system or any of the pipework – get a local plumber to come out and assess where the leaks are coming from.  They will be able to carry out the necessary repairs.

Sewer Cleaning

Your property’s plumbing is connected to the drainage and sewage system outside.  If there are issues with this system it can cause problems such as the inability to flush your toilet or drain water properly.  It can even flood your garden.  Local plumbers are experienced in cleaning and draining sewage and drainage systems.

Defrost Any Frozen Pipework

If you don’t winterise the pipes in your home, they can freeze and then burst.  If this happens though, you can call out a local plumber to help defrost your pipework and make any necessary repairs and replacements.

Repair and Replace Pipework

Corroded, old and damaged pipework can cause you various problems, including water supply contamination and leaks.  Not only can plumbers repair damaged pipework sections, they can also replace the whole piping system for your home if necessary.

As the plumbing is one of the most important and expensive parts of your home, you will want it to last as long as possible.  When you try to save money and take shortcuts when it comes to plumbing materials, installations and repair work though, it could cost you more in the long run.  This is why it is recommended that, unless you are yourself a qualified plumber, hire a local plumber to handle all the major (and even many of the minor) jobs related to your home plumbing.